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There is so much information to remember while working on licensed premises when it comes to the sale of alcohol, and if you haven’t been given clear information to begin with it’s easy to get confused.

can be busy places and you have decisions to make sometimes in a rush, is this person old enough? do I check for ID? What ID is acceptable? is somebody’s behaviour acceptable? How do I intervene during a conflict? it can be tricky and if you haven’t had clear training on the law it can get confusing.

I have met people who believe that 16 and 17 year old’s can drink whatever alcohol they like in a restaurant accompanied by an adult or not, I have met people who are unsure whether you can serve a person who is drunk, these are common misunderstandings that are made clear when you attend a personal licence course, but even after that rules change so it’s best practice to keep up to date with the Licensing Act 2003. For a quick check to see if your knowledge is up to date you can take our personal licence mock exam

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