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The Ultimate Visual Guide To Mixology [Infographic]

Mixing cocktails seems like an overwhelming task to newbies, with so many different ingredients, seemingly complicated equipment, and a need for pazzazz.

In fact, cocktails are taking the world by storm at the moment; thanks in part to Instagram. It’s quickly becoming a real trend to snap pics for Insta whilst on a night out; with London’s most popular bars having racked up over 45k hashtags! It’s perhaps no surprise that the top result is a cocktail bar!

However, it doesn’t need to be a gargantuan undertaking. We’ve found out everything you need to know to knock up one of the 25 best-selling cocktails in the world of 2017, using a list compiled by Drinks International, in our ultimate guide to mixology. We’ve used recipes from a number of sources and used ounces when measuring ingredients to make it easier to understand.

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