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When Should You Call It A Night? [Infographic]

We’ve all got that one friend who takes it a little bit too far on a night out and winds up having to be shoved into a taxi and spends the next day with their head in the toilet (think you don’t have a friend like that? It might be you!).

So at just what point is it time to do the smart thing and call it a night? Obviously, it depends on a couple of things, such as what you’re drinking, your body weight and whether you’re male or female.

We’ve used a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) calculator to work out at what point you’re likely to hit a BAC of 0.120, the point at which vomiting usually occurs (a point at which we think you’ll agree it’s time to stop!).

Note: This infographic is NOT intended to be taken as a recommended healthy alcohol intake, instead, it gives an idea of the absolute maximum you should consider drinking before you start to suffer. However, everybody’s body is different and if you’re feeling unwell before this point, then you should definitely slow down or stop drinking.

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