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The Benefits of A Personal Licence Course

Why should you get your personal licence accreditation?

Are you a retail or hospitality service worker, dealing in environments where alcohol is served? Then you may have considered a personal licence course. The licence is governed by the Licensing Act of 2003 (England and Wales) and Scotland (2005), which states that anyone who is responsible for selling alcohol must have a personal licence. To obtain this, you need to be qualified.

Here are some of the main benefits to attending a personal licence course.

1. Progress your career

Obtaining your personal licence allows you to progress to more senior supervisory positions within retail and hospitality. The qualification is widely valued and recognised by employers and demonstrates that you have valuable skills and accreditations.

2. Gain a permanent qualification
A personal licence lasts indefinitely – which means you will always be able to fall back on it again regardless of the direction that your career takes you in. As a qualification, it gives you flexibility and choice for the future, and is an asset for your CV.

3. Build your knowledge
By attending a personal licence course, you will gain a better understanding of licensing laws and avoid making serious errors that could ultimately lead to a fixed penalty of heavy fine.

4. Meet new people

One of the great things about attending a personal licence course with other customer retail workers is that you get to meet other like-minded individuals and to make new contacts. This is valuable for building your network and can help you in the future as you look for roles and opportunities.

5. Gain a fast qualification

The personal licence accreditation only requires one full day of training. This means that you can gain a recognised qualification for your CV quickly and easily. Compare this to the time required to become accredited in many fields. The personal licence qualification is also one that employers want, so you’ll see the return in your own time investment.

So if you are thinking about upskilling and boosting your CV for future career opportunities in retail, catering and hospitality, it could be time to look at taking your personal licence qualification.

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